Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yummy Soup, Yucky Side & Healthy Salad

I laid in bed for as long as I could this morning.  As I started feeling guilty that the day had started without me, I rolled out from under the covers and half-sleep walked to the living room.

There I found my youngest son bundled up on the couch with bloodshot eyes and a frowny face.  :(

My first thought was, "My poor baby."  My second thought was, "Is it too early for a Dr. Pepper?"  My third thought was, "I guess we won't do school today."  My fourth thought was, "That means I can finally write that Pinterest blog."

Soooo...  Now that we're all medicated...  Here I am.  And here's what I've been up to...

Pinteresting Idea #3
When the cold weather hits, I love to go to Subway.  Not for their sandwiches.  I mean, anyone can make a sandwich, right?  I love their broccoli cheddar soup.  It is soooo good.

I've been trying to replicate this recipe for awhile now.  My latest attempt is the closest I've come to perfection.

Although I can't really take the credit because I didn't come up with the recipe.  I pinned it to my  Soups, Stews, Chilis & Chowders board, from a blog called The Little Girl's Guide to Sugar and Spice.  You can find the recipe here...

It's still not exactly like the Subway version.  I had to add a lot of salt and pepper for enhanced flavor.  Also, it tasted better the second day.  So next time, I'll probably let it cook longer before serving.

Pinteresting Idea #4
Crack Potatoes.  Sounds yummy, right?  The whole idea behind the name is they're supposed to be so incredibly delicious that you become easily addicted and can't stop eating them.  How could I not try these?

We didn't like them.  We could eat them.  But we did not get immediately addicted.  In fact, I threw the recipe away, and forgot to take a picture.  The picture above is from the pin that is no longer on my Side Dishes board.

If you want to try them, click here for the recipe.

Let me know if you get addicted.

Pinteresting Idea #5
As I was browsing my Salads, Sandwiches & Wraps board, I came across a pin for Chicken and Avocado Lettuce Boats.  You had me at avocado!

This recipe was not just for the salad, but also for a buttermilk-dijon dressing.  I loved the salad, especially served on the large romaine leaves.  But the dressing didn't exactly "float my boat".  It didn't look good or smell good to me, so I tasted it before serving.  I was not a fan.  So my boys and I put ranch dressing on our boats.

My husband wasn't crazy about the dressing by itself, but said it was really good when drizzled over the salad.  So...  here is the recipe from The Perfect Pantry.  Try it.  Let me know what you think about the dressing.


I did a lot more pins.  But I'm afraid you might get bored if I write about more than three at a time.

Most of the other things I did are from my homeschool boards.  I can't decide if I'll write about them here or on my homeschool blog.  I guess I can do both.  I am the author.  They're my blogs.  And I'm 35-years-old, so I can do what I want.  :)

I hope to get to that later today.  We'll see...

Have a Pinteresting Day!

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