Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Starting January 1st,  each week I had hoped to try and write about at least 3 pins from my wide variety of boards on Pinterest.

It sounded so simple in my mind.  I would try at least one recipe each week, incorporate one educational pin into my homeschool curriculum, and try something from my "Good to Know" board on Pinterest.


That didn't really work out...

insert frowny face, full of embarrassment and shame...  :(

Okay.  So it's the second week of January, and already I've not held up to the "pinteresting deal" I made with myself back in November.  I guess it's a good thing I revised my original plan.

My original plan was to try a new pin each day, but once I realized this "great idea" had already been attempted and conquered by so many before me, I kinda lost some of my motivation.  (See my previous post.)

Still, I'm not a total loser.  I did try two pins last week.  I just never got around to writing about them.

Until now...  insert smiley face...  :)

Pinteresting Idea #1
We tried my first pin on New Year's Eve, which technically was last year, but since I'm already behind, and it's my blog, I get I get to make the rules, so I'm counting it.

I will never forget the first time my parents let my sister and I stay up with them on New Year's Eve.  We ate fondue.  We watched the ball fall.  It was actually an apple back then.  I know, I'm old.  The most exciting thing to me was that they let us drink out of wine glasses.  We didn't actually have champagne, like Mama and Daddy.  I think we may have had orange juice.

Anyway, I felt like "big stuff" drinking out of a special glass on a special night.

When I saw this particular pin on Pinterest, it brought that memory back to me.  So I pinned it to my "For the Kids" board and decided to try this special drink with my family on New Year's Eve.

It is a fairly easy pin to try.  You just fill a glass with cotton candy, then pour Sprite or Sierra Mist over it.

We tried it.

As you can see from the picture, our glass doesn't look nearly as "special" as the one shown in the background.  It didn't taste all that great either.  So we probably won't do this again next year.

It's okay though.  I had a backup plan.  I picked up a bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice.  We poured it in wine glasses.  My youngest son, Camden, thought we were letting him have wine.  No matter how many times I assured him he was not drinking wine, he still seemed shocked that we would allow him to consume this beverage.  

I think we created an awesome memory.

Pinteresting Idea #2
I was not at all disappointed in my second pin.  I am an organizational freak.  I am so much of an organizational freak that I have an entire board devoted to organizational ideas.  I titled this board "A Place for Everything" because I love for everything to be in its place.  Although most of the time life doesn't really work out that way, does it?  Except with this particular pin, it does.  

For this reason, you might think this pin came from my "A Place for Everything" board.  But it did not.  

I like to shake things up.  Keep you on your toes.  

Not really.

The truth is, I found this to be such a genius idea, I pinned it to my "Why didn't I think of that?" board.

The original idea was posted by a lady named Jo on the Mom's Party Cafe blog site.  Click here - http://momspartycafe.blogspot.com/search/label/organization
This pin was also very easy.  Start simple, right?  

As I began packing up my Christmas decorations last week, I remembered this pin.  The instructions tell you to hot glue solo cups to cardboard and put them in a storage container.  Then fill the cups with your Christmas tree decorations.  This keeps ornaments organized, helps eliminate breakage, and just looks pretty.  

Totally out of character for me, I deviated from the instructions.  I did not use hot glue, and I used the cheap cups from Walmart.  So my final product was not nearly as pretty as the original pin, but I believe the results should be the same.


I'll let you know next year if I have any breakage...

Have a Pinteresting Day! 

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  1. Great Job! I considered the solo cup idea for my Christmas ornaments, but have way to many ornaments. Also loved the glass (Pampered Chef) you used in your first blog.